Program and Policies

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YTA’s main goal is to give children 5-18 years of age a thorough understanding and knowledge of tennis, as well as of physical education. This is accomplished using a well-structured program that has shown success for many years. YTA also focuses on developing children’s serious outlook on the game and motivation to improve while still having fun. YTA helps develop a positive attitude towards tennis and sports in general.

Program highlights:
September-June: Group lessons 1-4 times per week
June-August: Summer camp on a weekly basis
The USTA Junior Team Tennis League Team participation

Summer camp consists annually of nine week-long sessions. Participation is highly recommended, since camp is a vital part of YTA’s year-round program. As such, it is an important part of the evaluation criteria used for group placement, as mentioned above. Camp is also educational, effective, and fun.

The USTA Junior Team Tennis League Team participation
Match play days for the YTA Teams every week

The Winter Tennis Fitness Competition is held in Januаry. It allows students to improve their tennis skills and help them realize the importance of fitness to success on the tennis court. The Winter Tennis Fitness Competition consists of seventeen tennis specific fitness tests. The top finishers in the fitness competition receive valuable prizes by age group (10 & under, 13 & under, and 14 & above). All Time Records (14 years old history) you can find at